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Cathy and Rod Wilson are the owners of Blue Water Holidays. 


After many years of renting holiday home accomodation, up and down the Queensland and New South Wales coast line as well as in Queenstown - New Zealand, we found that while it was great to get away and relax by the water ,  we were often disappointed with the accommodation.  Many holiday homes looked good in the brochure or real estate agents' description but in reality were often found to have uncomfortable beds, spartan furnishings and limited kitchen utensils or were inapropriate for our young family.  This experience motivated us to establish Blue Water Holidays with a different approach.  We have strived to create a holiday environment that is comfortable and relaxing with the expectation that this is what your holiday home would be; whilst keeping its original character.  With this in mind, we have worked hard to continuously improve our Blue Water Holiday homes and have adopted many recommendations from guests over the years. 

We hope we have created a range of holiday destinations for you and your family that is exactly what you would have if it was yours.  We hope you enjoy your Blue Water Holidays and will treat our holiday homes with the utmost repect so other families can enjoy these fabulous holiday spots for many years to come.


Blue Water Holidays is all about delivering a consistent affordable , comfortable luxury waterfront holiday experiance.  We are confident we offer a value for money experiance that enables our guests to enjoy a holiday with all the comforts of home.


We envite you to stay at any of our properties and experiance the difference we offer. you will not be disapointed.


Best Regards

Rod & Cathy Wilson  -  Blue Water Holidays

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